Real Winter









Some people enjoy being whisked off to magical places and that’s all well and good but I really enjoy doing the whisking myself. I was really looking forward to a real winter this year and since Florida was never going to deliver I decided it would be the best idea to grab my brother (who I never get to travel with) and bring him with me to Portland, Oregon. Our friends were gracious enough to let us stay with them for the entire week! We tried out skiing for the first time under the shadow of Mount Hood and it actually started snowing! It was the definition of majestic. The trees were just piled high with snow and everything was so bright and blinding. I fell so many times but the ski lift operator said one of my wipeouts was the second worst he had seen in over 9 years! Go hard or go home I suppose. After literally busting ass on the slopes I had to get a piping hot bowl of ramen to warm me back up.

Pro tip: never ski in jeans, kids!


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