Wearing: H&M top, One Teaspoon shorts, Fossil watch, Ray Bans, Franco Sarto sandals

We took a bus to Coba, a city just north of Tulum, to explore the Mayan ruins there. The Nohoch Mul Pyramid is the tallest structure in the Coba ruins at 137 feet and you can actually climb up the 120 steps to the top where the view overlooks an endless jungle! It was really nice walking around under the cover of trees and stumbling upon all sorts ruins scattered throughout the area. After we left Coba, we took a taxi to a nearby cenote called Tankach Ha that was recommended to us by some locals who said it was their favorite cenote. There are a variety of types of cenotes in this area, but the Tankach Ha was very much like an underground cave with stalactites hanging from above enclosing a pit of groundwater, similar to a spring (in that the water was as cold as a spring!). There is a built-in spiral staircase that takes you down underground and suddenly opens up to this cave that you would never have known was there. It really is amazing, I can see why it was a local favorite! The staircase also has two separate “diving” platforms that you can jump off of into the water. We stayed for a while as I tried to coax myself into the cold water to go swimming, but I am so happy I did! By the time we left the cenote, all the taxis had left for the day so we had to walk back to the bus stop where we also found that all the buses had left for the night. Fortunately, everyone we asked was extremely helpful in giving us directions to a town close by that had taxis that would take us back to Tulum. So the takeaway lesson here is always make sure you have a way to get back!




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