Wearing: Paige top, One Teaspoon shorts, Fossil watch, Ray Bans, Franco Sarto sandals

Tulum is a pretty small town and you can get around primarily by foot but we decided to rent bicycles to travel faster and cover more ground a few of the days we were there. I recommend to rent bicycles if you are staying in town and want to visit the beaches as the walk can be a bit brutal in the hot sun. One of the many places we came across was a large touristy market area right outside the ruins. I just love the bright colors covering every square inch of space possible, even in the trees! This market was definitely a hot spot for visitors aside from the main road. After scoping it out we deciding to bike through lesser known areas and bought some bananas from a street vendor. We also found a small park littered with kitties just hanging out and enjoying kitty life. There is so much graffiti art down the side streets as well, and of course each house was even more vibrant than the next! It was definitely a day to just take in the Tulum culture and atmosphere before diving back in to the main attractions.



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