Isla Mujeres






















Wearing: Forever 21 romper, VS bikini bottoms, Nordstrom Rack bikini top, Fossil watch, Ray Bans, Franco Sarto sandals

I have always dreamed of visiting Tulum. Just another bucket list item that I had to experience to believe that it truly could be just as beautiful as all the pictures I had seen. Spoiler alert: it was. I am getting a bit ahead of myself however as we decided to spend our first two days of our trip to Mexico in Cancun. We flew in some time in the afternoon and found ourselves walking through a huge festival to get to our Airbnb. So obviously we dumped our luggage and headed back to the festival to enjoy the massive party. There were rides, games, stalls selling keepsakes, food, drinks in pineapples, you name it. My favorite was the gentleman selling cotton candy stacked two stories high! There were two large stages where young performers sang and danced while an enormous crowd of adults grouped around a pseudo-dance floor to show off their best dance moves. Almost every child between the age of five and ten was driving around in a Power Wheels car of some sort; I suppose a common way to keep your children entertained. I still cannot believe we were so lucky to have arrived in such happy chaos!

The next day we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Cancun. Within walking distance is North Beach known best for its blindingly white sand and crystal clear waters (“My Favorite Things” plays in the background). I mean it is just shockingly beautiful there. There are actual crumbled Mayan ruins on the island that you can visit that are barely standing today due to the onslaught from a restless, crashing surf. On a separate note for future me, there is a house for sale with a view of the ruins and ocean that is posted four pictures up. The food was spectacular, pretty much tacos all day every day but who is to tell me no? We did bring our snorkel gear and spent an hour checking out the colorful fish around the reefs. We caught the ferry back as the sun was setting and had to say goodbye to island paradise…deep sigh.



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