Murder Mystery

There is nothing so romantically fantasized about as a good murder mystery and I have always wanted to participate in one, but I grew tired of waiting for an invitation. That is why I decided to make one up myself! Now I know there are party kits out there to help with putting such a complex party together, but I thought screw that; Imma get complicated with it. So if you are looking for ideas for your own party that do not come from a box, I am here to help with a “how to” of sorts for a bomb murder mystery party that even has pictures, hoorah!


Start with an exclusive guest list because who needs more than seven friends anyway? Pick a date (I chose Halloween), and send some sweet mailed invitations to your guests. Who doesn’t love receiving actual mail from an actual person these days? Feel free to use store-bought cards but keeping with the DIY theme I hand-made mine.


I also included characters cards for everyone that gave a bit of information about that person, however as this was Halloween everyone was encouraged to wear a costume.


Ideally you want to create clues that are not too difficult for your average bear, depending on how intelligent your friends are. Make the clues look extra mystical by burning the edges and try to avoid playing with fire if possible. I chose a few riddles I found on the internet and a few I made up to keep the story moving.

At this point you need to have a perplexing story that involves all your guests and yourself and your clues. Decide who is going to be the murderer and the murderee and how it is going to happen and go from there. Make sure to give every person a motive so everyone feels at least a little blamed once or twice. For example, I decided to make myself the one that was murdered, that way all my guests could fully participate and if they ever got stuck then “Ghost Brittany” could give them hints.



At the very beginning, all my guests signed the guestbook (I also made this, but you can always buy one if that suits you.)


I wanted to start the murder blaming right off the bat so I had my good friend Mario follow me out of the room where I suddenly died, making it look like he did it. I had a note in my hand leading to the next clue: a box of checks.


Feel free to use whatever kind of means possible to get everyone to point fingers and slander each other. It is really quite fun!







I love the riddle about cameras. Just print a photo in black and white and hide it under some camera equipment and suddenly it looks quite devious.



Or my personal favorite: hide clues where nobody dares to believe possible at first.


You won’t believe how invasive your guests will be after finding a clue in an unopened bag of chips or frozen in ice in the freezer or in a plant.




Have fun with it and watch as they go crazy wondering if the proof really is in the pudding!

Can it be?


Yes it can!


Even though “Ghost Brittany” was around to help out if a clue proved too difficult, allow enough time for you to get mad with power before dropping a hint or two. After all that is the Morticia way.








But perhaps set some ground rules first like no running in the house…


The end goal here is for all your clues to lead to the killer as the motive becomes clear as does the method. I chose poison as it is usually not as messy as other means and linked it  with a receipt from an Apothecary that I slipped into the killer’s shoe.



This was like a dream come true for me. I had almost as much fun planning and crafting as I did watching it all unfold. It was really something to see it all come to life and making most of the clues myself not only saved money but added a nice personal touch. Get creative, have fun, and try not to eat too much candy 😉

Happy Halloween Friends!


“Murder is easy, if no one suspects you” – Agatha Christie



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