East Coast Road Trip

After searching for hours to find where I stored all my video footage from our road trip, I decided I would never wait so long to do that ever again. Somehow everything got scattered amongst two laptops and a backup drive and I managed to lose a lot of what I would consider the best footage we had of the whole trip! I am really sad that I lost all the video from Sliding Rock, but I told myself it could have been much worse. I will still have all the memories from that amazing visit and I promise that if I ever go back I will definitely have my GoPro with me! All in all I am very happy with how this turned out. If it seems like all will did was swim under waterfalls, well you wouldn’t exactly be wrong in that assumption 😉

Also a tip for GoPro users out there: use rain-x on the outer lens of the casing, it really prevents the water droplets from sticking and helps you get a clear shot. Unfortunately, I picked up that tip a little too late for this trip, but we live and learn! So without further ado, here it is lovelies…


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