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Wearing: Forever 21 v-neck, One Teaspoon shorts, Sam Edelman espadrilles, Forever 21 sunnies, Bling Jewelry necklaces, Stella & Dot earrings, Fossil watch

I had been wanting to go back to the botanical gardens this year and planned to go this weekend only to find out it was their Spring Festival! There are vendors everywhere selling every plant and flower species imaginable. It was lovely walking around in the sunshine with a cool breeze checking out all the blooms. My sister bought me some flavored honey sticks: mango, watermelon, and wildflower this time. The honey is so fresh and there are hundreds of bees buzzing around pollinating the plants. We didn’t buy any honey this time around because I still have some left from the last time we went, but we did get a fresh guava-mango smoothie to enjoy whilst snapping some photos. I was hesitant about wearing a headband at first because of the heat, but paired with a top bun and large round sunnies it was the perfect amount of sun coverage while maintaining breathability. I am definitely keeping that combo in mind when we road trip to southern Texas a.k.a. desert wasteland next month!



East Coast Road Trip

After searching for hours to find where I stored all my video footage from our road trip, I decided I would never wait so long to do that ever again. Somehow everything got scattered amongst two laptops and a backup drive and I managed to lose a lot of what I would consider the best footage we had of the whole trip! I am really sad that I lost all the video from Sliding Rock, but I told myself it could have been much worse. I will still have all the memories from that amazing visit and I promise that if I ever go back I will definitely have my GoPro with me! All in all I am very happy with how this turned out. If it seems like all will did was swim under waterfalls, well you wouldn’t exactly be wrong in that assumption 😉

Also a tip for GoPro users out there: use rain-x on the outer lens of the casing, it really prevents the water droplets from sticking and helps you get a clear shot. Unfortunately, I picked up that tip a little too late for this trip, but we live and learn! So without further ado, here it is lovelies…