Although I have been to New York City a few times in the past, I have never been to Washington D.C. We have some friends that live in the city and I was super excited to finally catch up with them and have them show us around. We had dinner at the coolest Italian place in China Town and by the time we made it to the Washington Monument, it was already dusk. I never anticipated my first impression of this city to be built off the night life, but I think it gave the experience a whole new feel (though I definitely want to go back during the day some time!) So as the sun went down we chatted with our backs on the ground and our legs propped up on the Washington Monument. That moment was more refreshing than I could ever have imagined. The Capitol was under construction at the time and so was the Reflecting Pool, but I did get up in Lincoln’s face and got some candids in front of the White House. Our friends took us to a bar atop Hotel Washington to enjoy a beer with some of the best views of the National Mall and we followed that by playing games at Board Room (a cute little bar where you can drink and play board games, yes this exists!!!)

The next morning we had just enough time to grab some brunch and check out the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution at the National Archives Museum. There was no way I could go to D.C. and not see them, it is like a right of passage. Before I knew it we were back in the car, next stop: New York.


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