Chimney Rock














Wearing: Missguided top, Forever 21 acid-wash shorts (similar), Missguided fedora, Sam Edelman espadrilles, vintage sunnies

Just driving up the mountains to Chimney Rock State Park was an adventure in itself. There were goats just chilling along the side of the road and the road just kept winding around in every direction through a thick, leafy-green forest. I spotted this guy  carrying his child on his back to the top of the mountain and I thought if this guy can do it, then I sure as hell can. Surprisingly, we did not check out the falls that resides in the park as my primary objective was climbing the hundreds of stairs to reach Exclamation Point at an elevation of 2,480 feet. Of course I stopped at Chimney Rock along the way (about 200 feet below Exclamation Point) and got the most breathtaking view from the Opera Box. To say I was woefully unprepared for the trek would be a huge understatement. By the time I had reached the topmost peak the weather had changed drastically and did the only thing fate knows how to do when you are stuck at the top of a mountain: the sky opened up and started pouring rain. We used the only poncho we had to save the camera, of course. I do not think I need to convince anyone that the hike was 100% worth every heaving step, and I say that even after having every step back be a squishy one. But honestly, that stranger with the kid is the real MVP here…


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