Fort De Soto











Wearing: Charlotte Russe dress, Forever 21 hat, Victoria Secret bikini bottoms, Forever 21 bikini top, Nicole Lee bag, thrifted sunglasses, Forever 21 sandals, horseshoe necklace

I’m back yayy!!! 🙂 I really must have been severely disillusioned to think I would be able to edit photos and make posts while on our Road Trip Extravaganza 2k15. Although happy to be home I really do miss being on the road and after this weekend I am sure to get travel fever once more. But for now I’m in the process of sorting all the pictures and I am going to attempt to make another video.

Here is a short post though when we went to Fort De Soto before our road trip. This place is gorgeous (you know, if you’re into walking through deserted wastelands to get to the beach)! If you ever decide to come here I promise you it will be worth your while; the sand is nice and soft and the water is clearer than most Florida beaches I have been to. If you do not mind the small trek I recommend parking along the shoulder and not the parking lots to get the full experience 😉 Also don’t forget sunscreen, it gets HOT!


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