Trout Creek-12

Trout Creek-33

Trout Creek-18

Trout Creek-40

Trout Creek-17

Trout Creek-41

Trout Creek-7

Trout Creek-5

Trout Creek-2

Trout Creek-29

Trout Creek-11

Trout Creek-26

Trout Creek-16

Trout Creek-22

Trout Creek-19

Trout Creek-4

Trout Creek-37

Wearing: H&M dress, Forever 21 sandals, Ray Bans, vintage rings, horseshoe necklace, feather ear cuff

Had the opportunity to catch the most beautiful sunset the other day and enjoy the soft and blissful orange glow of this classic Florida landscape. It was really windy and my dress/coverup and hair was being whipped around like crazy. Anybody with long hair can relate to the insane helicopter effect it causes 😉 Otherwise it was a really great way to end the week! Also let us all just pretend like we did not see the “DO NOT CLIMB ON ROCKS” sign…heh. What sign? I saw no sign *proceeds to climb up rock ledge*. I have three words for that bossy sign: pshh yeah oookay…I’m too stubborn to let that sign tell me how to live my life.


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