Trout Creek-2

Trout Creek-4

Trout Creek-9

Trout Creek-12

Trout Creek-17

Trout Creek-21

Trout Creek-23

Trout Creek-24

Trout Creek-19

Trout Creek-25

Trout Creek-11

Trout Creek-27

Trout Creek-28

Trout Creek-36

Trout Creek-26

Trout Creek-10

Wearing: American Eagle dress, Forever 21 cardigan, vintage clubmasters, vintage sandals, Urban Outfitters bag,  horseshoe necklace, vintage rings

This little polka dot dress was just right for the blazing hot day at the park. It is very breathable and can double as a strapless dress too! I ditched my cardigan quickly and went with a ponytail for awhile trying to beat the heat. All that hair can get out of hand sometimes! I may or may not be a butterfly whisperer now too so that is one thing I accomplished in life 🙂


2 thoughts on “Polka

  1. i love everything about this look!! not to mention that that picture with the butterfly is amazing 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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