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Wearing: Zara top, vintage denim shorts, Forever 21 sandals, Quay sunnieshorseshoe necklace, cat earrings (similar here)

On the last trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure we decided to take the camera for once and snap some candids, as I don’t think we will be going back any time soon now that our passes have expired. One thing you all should know about me as a qualifying statement is that I like dinosaurs, so I apologize in advance for the many future dinosaur related photos I may post…sorry not sorry. I am also a pretty big fan of Harry Potter, so we spent the majority of our time in both Harry Potter worlds and Jurassic Park on our farewell journey. Passing through Islands of Adventure first I gazed upon Doom’s Fearfall and spent some time contemplating if I finally had the courage to ride it (there is actually an above shot of me scratching my head and thinking about whether I wanted to die today). I told myself I would probably never get another chance like this again and decided to go for it. Best decision ever! I cannot believe I had been skipping it all the other times I had come!

We also got adventurous and went on Ripsaw Falls, a river rapids ride that I usually skip because I prefer not to walk around in wet cloths, but I thought what the heck, it’s hot, I’m game, lets do this! This probably explains my scraggly, wet mut look that is all the rage in the rest of my photos 😉

I probably spent way more time than necessary in the DinoStore before making it to Harry Potter and taking the train to Universal’s Harry Potter. Eventually our adventure had to come to an end, but to make myself feel better about it I snagged a donut the size of my face from Lard Lad in the Simpsons. I love roller coasters and theme parks in general, so I hope to come back some time in the future when there are new rides!


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