Rainbow River












Wearing: vintage poncho, Victoria Secret bikini, Ray Bans

This past weekend I spent a very chill day floating down a lazy river with the clearest and coolest spring water for almost four hours. If you have never had the experience of tubing down a river you are missing out! We arrived fairly early on a Friday and were surprised to find that we were the first ones there when the park opened. A word of advice: definitely try to go on a weekday, we were the only ones on the river for a good hour at least and had the view all to ourselves. This river is one of many I have visited and it is the best way to cool off on a hot day as the spring water stays at 72 degrees all year round. I saw so much wildlife, not yet scared off by the crowds, but have yet to spot a manatee even though they frequent this river (maybe next time I keep telling myself). The water is extremely clear which makes snorkeling a lot of fun. It can get rather exhausting after a while, so just hop back on your tube until you’re re-energized for another swim! I hope to upload a short video soon of our river exploration, stay tuned!


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